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As a vehicle driver or RV owner, you can agree with me that nothing is as scary as having a puncture or a flat tire in the midst of nowhere. As frustrating as it is, this still catches up with so many people every time. However, there is a solution for you. If you have a handy air compressor unit, you could take care of these unplanned punctures and flat tires with so much ease.

Also, you could avoid getting stranded for hours on end with the AUDEW Auto Digital Portable AC Pump. This air compressor is portable, durable and affordable without compromising its reliability. For that reason, it makes an excellent addition to your toolkit. It can inflate the RV tires and some of the other air tools in your homestead.

In that case, the essence of this article is to review one of the best tire inflators; AUDEW Auto Digital Portable AC Pump. Inclusive is its essential features, the good but not great ones, user verdict as well as some of the pros and cons of this inflator.

Features of AUDEW Auto Digital Portable Air compressor Pump

Finding a reliable, compact and portable air compressor is uncommon. Most of the portable ones either have a cheap construction or the performance level is below the expected. However, we have the AUDEW Auto Digital air compressor which has outstanding and unique features which makes it stand out among the compact, portable and pocket-friendly type of air compressor pumps.

Key Features

The key features of a product are what makes it stand out among its counterparts. In our case, the AUDEW Auto Digital Air compressor pump has the following listed features that make it a favorite among most campers.

  1. Auto-shut off Feature

The AUDEW Portable air compressor unit comes with an automatic shut-off feature. This technology is powered by inflating right. The air compressor pump features high tech on the pump which shuts off automatically when the tire reaches the desired pressure level.

With this automatic shut-off, all you have to do is set the desired pressure and press the on-button. The inflator detects when the set pressure is achieved therefore it shuts off automatically.

  1. Performance

The AUDEW Auto Digital portable air compressor hits the right balance between its features, price and performance level. It plugs in directly to a 12V adapter on the vehicle. Besides that, it comes with a one-touch function that helps the users to set the required PSI to allow the air compressor to run until it reaches the desired air pressure.

The maximum PSI of the AUDEW Auto Digital AC unit is 150 while the operating current lies at ten amps.

  1. LED Lights

The AUDEW Auto Digital air compressor pump comes with led lights which enhance visibility. The lights are bright enough as well as long-lasting. The LED lights ensure that you have an easy time while airing your tires even in the dark.

With this air compressor you don t have to worry about making repairs or re-inflating your tires in lonely country roads. The best thing is that the LED lights are easy to use.

  1. Noise Level

The AUDEW air compressor runs at a shallow noise level. With only 60 decibels of noise, this air compressor is unlikely to disturb anyone around you. Although it’s not the quietest AC unit in the market today, the air compressor pump ranks among the AC units with least noise levels.

For that reason, this air compressor is a great deal especially if you’re working in a calm environment or at home.

Good but Not Great

The good but not great features of a product are the necessary features that complement the functions of the critical elements. These features enhance the efficiency of the air compressor.
All in all, these features play just a complementary role in the functioning of the AC unit. Below are some of the good but not great features of the AUDEW Auto Digital Air compressor pump;

  1. Compact design

This air compressor unit comes in a small and portable design. For that reason, the portable air inflator is quite easy to manoeuvre and carry around too. It takes up so little space in your storage compartment, therefore, you could keep it in your vehicle’s trunk and use it whenever necessary. If you are space cautious, this will take up a tiny portion of it.

  1. Easy to use

The AUDEW portable tire inflator also has straightforward usage procedures. The general outline of the features and complementary accessories makes it easy to operate the air compressor. To start with, the unit comes in a cigarette like a socket which can be inserted directly into the power source.

In addition to that, the air compressor has a 3M line length which enables easy inflation to both the rear and front tire without moving the air compressor. It facilitates both the impulsive and automatic air inflation to the deflated tires.

Also, the AC unit has a one-touch technology for refilling meaning that you only have to press on to start the air compressor and then touch close to stop its operations. These easy to comprehend features makes the unit user-friendly as well as very convenient to use.

  1. Multi-purpose

The AUDEW tire pump has three different tips. That means that the air compressor does well with trucks, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, bikes and cars too. Also, it is compatible with most of the sports inflatable equipment and adaptors. The three different power tips ensure that it can accommodate most of the standard designs of tire pressure.

  1. Non-skid Feet

The AUDEW Auto Digital AC unit comes with a non-skid mat at the bottom. This mat ensures that the AC unit stays in position while airing your tires. It ensures that the Air Pump doesn’t slip away on slippery grounds.

User Critique

Generally, the AUDEW Auto Digital AC unit is portable, reliable, and cost-effective as well as user-friendly. These features, therefore, make it an excellent addition to your toolbox. However, there are a few issues that did not please the users.

Most of the user’s complained about the durability and reliability of this Air compressor pump unit. The reason being, most of the users claim that it died just after the first use. Some of the users complained that the air compressor pump smoked at only 65 PSI. The under-performance was such a let-down considering that the product is advertised to reach a maximum PSI of 150.

More to that, other users complained about the cheap plastic construction of the Air Compressor pump. They said that the air compressor arrived while some of the parts were fitted loosely and feel off within the first use.

Also, the plastic construction is rather cheap, light, thin and of low quality. The users found it a hassle to pack up the air compressor pump all over again and sending it back to the manufacturer.

  • The air compressor is user-friendly
  • It has a compact design, therefore, saves on space.
  • It comes with an automatic shut off features which ensure that the air compressor shuts off when the set pressure reaches.
  • It is a portable inflator with a 3M cord for convenience. Therefore, you can connect it to the front and rear tire easily.
  • The Digital pressure gauge comes in a high precision
  • The Air compressor pump is safe to use as well as durable. The unit has gone through safety test.
  • It comes with led lights to ease the night use.
  • It is light in weight
  • It has three different tips that accommodate most of the standard designs of tire pressure.
  • It has a cigarette socket for easy insertion of the cord.
  • It’s strong therefore inflates you tires easily hence saving so much of your time.

  • It does not have powerful operations as the larger counterparts
  • It cannot inflate the large tires
  • It takes too long to refill a single deflated car tire. Precisely 3 minutes.



In summary, we can see that this air compressor unit is a flexible one. It can air up most of your equipment’s, for instance, the flat tires on your bike, commuter vehicle or any other air tools. The fact that the Air compressor pump is light in weight, compact and can be powered by a cigarette lighter makes it a reliable choice for camping escapades.

More to that, the Air compressor unit is a great option especially if you are a frequent night traveller. It comes with bright and long-lasting LED lights which ensures that you can clearly see when airing up your deflated tires. It is also a versatile choice which comes with three different tips to accommodate most of the standard pressure designs.

With such high-performance levels for standard tires, this air compressor is a popular choice among the campers who are looking for a quality air compressor pumps but still on a tight budget.



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