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5 Best Air Compressors for a Framing Crew

In construction, you need the right tools to get the job done. Right from the ground level to the roofing and framing, the entire task relies so much on the air compressors. Although you can still do this with some nails, a hammer and a lot of patience, if this is your full time job time is money. Therefore, you will need the right equipment that can facilitate effective and fast construction.

In that case, this article is aimed at giving you a list of the five best contractor-grade air compressors that could be used for a framing crew. More to that, include a buyer’s guide that will help you know which features you should look out for the next time you go shopping for one.


Industrial Air Contractor Pro Crew Air Compressor

This air compressor from the Industrial Air is a portable, lightweight and powerful unit which is an excellent choice for the framing crews as well as small trims. It comes with a 4-gallon size tank that is capable of producing 225PSI and can hold 3 times as much usable air as a 125PSI tank.

The pump pf this oar compressor unit, on the other hand, is an oil-free 5 CFM tank hence it comes with fewer maintenance needs. More to that, the air compressor comes with a faster recharge and cooling of the reservoir as well as ring wear which facilitates a longer run time. The motor of this air compressor unit runs on 1.7 horsepower which makes it suitable to run on an extension cord and in cold weather as well.

The best thing about this air compressor unit is that it comes with the roll cage rugged construction which ensures the protection of the components of the air compressor. The control panel of the air compressor, on the other hand, has two dual connectors. This quick connection panel enables the air compressor to accommodate multiple operations simultaneously.


  • The air compressor comes with large gauges for both tool and tank pressure
  • Also, it has an easy to set the regulator
  • It has 79 decibels of noise hence it has quitter operations
  • It has a convenient control panel which has dual connects that accommodates multiple users
  • It comes with an oil-free pump which has no maintenance needs
  • It has a direct drive pump which provides better cooling and less ring wear, therefore, giving the air compressor a longer lifespan

  • The air compressor has no wheels so it can be a tough moving the unit around


PORTER CABLE C2002 Oil-Free Pancake Air Compressor

This air compressor unit from the Porter Cable is a perfect choice for the hobbyist and professionals with interest in woodworking or spray painting. Although you can do both of these tasks with an air compressor unit, you should note that your wooden materials could get spoilt when they come in contact with oil. And that is why the oil-less Porter Cable is the perfect choice for you.

This air compressor unit comes in a pancake design hence providing you with an ultimately stable base. You will never tip over this air compressor whatsoever.  More to that, this oar compressor comes with a 6-gallon tank as well as a maximum working pressure of 150PSI hence it can power most of the pneumatic tools. At 90 PSI, the air compressor has a CFM rating of 2.6 hence it has more than enough air flow.

The best thing about this air compressor unit is that it comes with two factory-installed couplers. This means that you and your working partner can work at the same time with two diverse tools. It weighs 30 pounds and has a built-in handle for easy transportation of the entire unit. Also, it is powered by a 120V AC power source.


  • It has a shroud cover which protects the vital parts of the air compressor from damage
  • It comes with an oil-less pump hence guaranteeing you of neat operations
  • The pancake style ensures that the air compressor has a stable base
  • It has a built-in handle for easy transportation
  • It has a low amp motor which is relatively low on the overall power consumption

  • The pancake style of this AC unit makes transportation a bit hectic since the circularly shaped tank hits your legs with every step you take


California Air Tools 4610AC Electric Portable Air Compressor

The CAT 4610AC air compressor unit is one of the quietest air compressors in the market today. With only 60 decibels of noise, this air compressor could fit in precisely any working environment. It runs under a 1HP motor which is relatively low on its power draw of 1680 RMP and 8.5 amps. This means that it has more lifetime and reduced heat output.

This air compressor is worth desiring either for the industrial or residential purposes. It does well with any home improvement tasks from tire inflation, roofing, framing, cabinetry and much more. With the decent airflow, it can perfectly complete most tasks. The best thing is that it comes with two ¼ inch quick connectors. Hence it can accommodate two users simultaneously.

Also, it has two pressure gauges; all aimed to improve its productivity as well as efficiency.  The maximum operating pressure of this air compressor is 120 PSI. More to that, it has a dual piston pump design which gives the air compressor a reduced recovery time in that it can move from 90-120 PSI in 30 seconds.

On the other hand, the tanks can be filled entirely in 130 seconds without worrying about overheating since it comes with a thermal overload switch. Therefore, if you are looking for an air compressor that has quiet operations, has a compact design, and can accommodate multiple users, this is the right choice for you.


  • It has ultra-quiet operations with only 60 decibels of noise
  • It has an oil-free pump which comes with fewer maintenance needs
  • It has a longer run time and a shorter recovery period
  • It comes with a thermal overload protector
  • It has two pressure control gauges and two universal quick connectors for multiple users

  • This air compressor is relatively more cumbersome than other air compressors of the same category.


DeWalt DXCMV5048055 Two-Stage Industrial Air Compressor

This is an industrial standard air compressor unit that is not meant for the average homeowner. This is because it is a professional twin stage air compressor with a tank holding capacity of 80 gallons. More to that, it goes for more than 6 times the average residential air compressor. The best thing about this air compressor unit is that it is capable of holding multiple tools and users simultaneously.

At a working pressure of 90 PSI, this air compressor unit can deliver a CFM of 18. However, the maximum pressure output ranges of 175 PSI. This air compressor is a stationary air compressor that can be placed either in the garage or workshop floor. If you would like to move the air compressor around, you will need the help of the entire crew since it weighs 471 pounds.

The best part about this air compressor is that it comes in a strong and robust construction which features either aluminum or steel. The air compressor also comes with a regulator, thermal overload protector and 2 quick connects to host multiple users. It is capable of performing the following tasks, roof nailing, framing, sanding, HVLP painting and much more.


  • It comes with an integrated control panel which enhances the ease of use
  • It has a large capacity tank which gives the air compressor unit a longer runtime
  • It can deliver plenty of air for multiple tools hence suitable for a framing crew
  • It has a thermal overload protector that protects the motor from voltage malfunctions
  • It comes with a robust and durable construction

  • It’s too heavy; you will need the entire crew to move it around


Eagle EA- 3000 Silent Series Air Compressor

One advantage that comes with the twin stack air compressors is that they come with dual air outlets. And that is why this air compressor from the Eagle Series might is one of the best contractor-grade air compressor units for a framing crew. It comes with two ¼ inches air hose quick connectors which allows two users at a go.

More to that, this air compressor unit produces a CFM of 2.5 at 90 PSI and 3.2 CFM at 40 PSI which then comes with a 50% duty cycle. This enables the air compressor to power the small air tools effectively. It draws 7.2 amps and is compatible with most of the 115V household outlets. The oil-free pump, on the other hand, calls for minimal maintenance needs.

It also comes with dual gauges. Therefore, you can monitor the tool as well as the tank pressure with one glance. Also, it has a roll cage design and the anti-0vibration feet. The design protects all the delicate components of the air compressor from damage. The anti-vibration, on the other hand, ensures that the unit is steady during operations.


  • It is easy to transport
  • It has an oversized regulator knob which is easy to use
  • It has only 47 decibels of noise which is quite soft to the ears
  • It has a lever type drain valve for simplified maintenance

  • It runs on a 1 HP motor                    


Buyer’s Guide for Best Air Compressors for Framing Crew

  1. Tank size

The tank plays a vital role in the performance of an air compressor unit. For example; a large air tank holds more air while a smaller tank holds lesser air. This allows you to use more air before there is a decrease in pressure and the motor starts. A bigger tank will give you a longer run time, and a shorter recovery period hence it can perform heavy duty tasks that will be needing more pressure.

  1. The Power

Check the PSI and CFM of the air compressor to determine if it can provide enough power to handle a framing crew. Choose an air compressor unit with enough pressure to handle two users at a go.

  1. Air Outlets

When looking for an air compressor unit to handle a framing crew, you should go for an air compressor that has at least 2 air outlets or more. This way you will be sure that the air compressor can handle multiple users and tools simultaneously.


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