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A cordless air compressor, also known as a cordless compressor, is a battery-powered device used to compress air for a variety of uses. Discover the best cordless air compressor in the following buying guide.

The best cordless air compressor will be lightweight, feature a threaded connector, and will include a 5-inch air hose.

Air compressors are extremely useful pieces of equipment. They work by driving a pump that compresses air.

This compressed air is then stored in a tank for later use. Cordless air compressors can be used for all kinds of tasks such as operating tools, airing up tires, cleaning out electronics, and much, much more.

Cordless air compressors used to be large and bulky machines that required a lot of power to operate, but advancements in compressor and battery technologies have enabled the manufacture of highly efficient, extremely compact, and surprisingly powerful portable air compressors.

With the internet giving consumers so many options to find buy tools online, finding the right cordless air compressor can be a real challenge.

Before you buy a cordless air compressor, first consider the maximum pressure rating, weight, and cost. You should also consider its warranty, and it’s physical dimensions.



Best Cordless Air Compressor


Makita DMP180SYX 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Inflator Kit (1.5Ah)


 Conveniently tops off cars and light truck tires with speed and ease

 Easily inflates bicycle tires, sports balls, and more

 Makita-built motor delivers up to 120 PSI capability

Auto-stop function automatically stops inflation when preset air pressure   is reached to prevent overfill

High visibility pressure gauge display with back light



Milwaukee 2840-20 2 Gallon Cordless Air Compressor



The industry’s quietest cordless air compressor with only 68 dBA of noise

POWERSTATE brushless motor and compressor deliver up to 1.2 CFM of air at 90 PSI

Quickly dial in air output with the onboard single-turn regulator

A quick connect coupler helps users change hoses with ease

All steel rollcage delivers stackable design and protection for the pump, motor and tank

Has an onboard 2 gallon tank



Dewalt DCC2560T1 FlexVolt 60V Max Air Compressor


2.5 gallon air tank

Maximum tank pressure of 135 psi

Sound level of 79 dB

Light weight at 21.5 lbs



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