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Bostitch BTFP02012 Oil-Free Air Compressor Review




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If you are in search of a multitasking and portable air compressor for home or professional use, the Bostitch oil-free pancake AC unit will do you right. With this air compressor, you don’t have to worry about starting it during the cold weather. It serves you to the best whenever you need it. Also, unlike its counterparts with similar tank sizes, the Bostitch AC unit is reasonably priced.

The Bostitch AC unit never compromises its reliability and performance for the pocket-friendly price. It always helps with most of the tasks like fencing, framing, roofing or even upholstery without needing an extended resting period.

In that case, this article aims at giving you an in-depth overview of the Bostitch Air Compressor. Inclusive is the key features, the good but not great products, the user critique as well as the pros and cons of this air compressor.

Features of Bostitch BTFPO2012 Air Compressor

Key Features

  1. Powerful motor

This air compressor has high-end performance levels. It can help with either the heavy duty or small household tasks comfortably. The fact that the 6-gallon tank of this air compressor takes only a short while to be fully packed, it can rise from a PSI of 0 to a PSI of 150 within two and a half minutes.
After the Bostitch air compressor makes it to its cycle at a PSI of 120, it takes about thirty seconds to reach its full potential level of 150 PSI. The amount of pressure produced by this air compressor can manage to run two air tools simultaneously at a time. More to that, it’s an all season air compressor that can be used either during winter or the hot summer without any glitches.

  1. Multi-tasking feature

The popularity of Bostitch air compressor owes to its multitasking feature. Often you’ll find that the air compressors with lower prices have so many missing features, but this one proves to be exceptional. This air compressor comes with two couplers which are set in one to allow users to operate two tools at the same time.
For instance, you’ll find that this tool can operate two guns as well as two hoses during the trimming jobs. The high pressure produces by the air compressor is an added advantage to this multitasking features. Both the air flow regulators and the couplers work hand in hand to ensure that the air compressor maximizes on its performance level.

  1. Oil-free pump and Quiet Operations

Most of the air compressor always need to be lubricated. For that reason, they often need oil change which calls for higher maintenance levels than the standard air compressors. However, with the Bostitch air compressor, the pump is oil-free hence lower maintenance levels. The oil-free nature ensures that the users of this air compressor can go about their tasks for a more extended period without so much hassle.
In addition to that, this air compressor has a noise level of about 78.5 decibels meaning that as much as it is not among the quietest air compressors in the market today, it’s better than lowest priced AC units. The operations of this air compressor are relatively modest.

Good but not Great

  1. Compact Design

This air compressor has a compact design, not more onerous than a fully loaded toolbox. It weighs about 29 pounds while the tank has a diameter of 14 inches. The on and off switch of this tank is on the right side of the handle for convenience. Also, it has a sizeable mounted handle at the top which helps to cart the air compressor unit around easily.

  1. Well laid out panel

The controls of this air compressor are straightforward. In that, the pressure gauge, safety valve and the pressure outlet gauge are well arranged on the interface. More to that, it has a plastic shroud that projects forward to protect the components of the AC interface. The panel of this air compressor is a bit longer therefore gently titled up to ensure that you can view the gauges even when standing.

  1. High capacity Tank

This air compressor has a 6-gallon tank which packs up enough air to perform most of the small tasks. The air supply of an air compressor solely depends on the tank size. With the Bostitch, you don’t have to worry about that because the tank size is large enough to accumulate enough air that can inflate some car tires.

  • The air compressor has an oil-free pump which means that the unit is maintenance free
  • It has a high-quality construction which guarantees the users of durability
  • It has quitter operations, therefore, a good fit for calm working environments
  • It comes with a portable design which enhances the storage of this air compressor
  • It has readable gauges
  • It is light in weight and has a handle to help carry the air compressor with less effort
  • It produces enough pressure that can operate two tools simultaneously
  • It is easy to use

  • It cannot perform most of the heavy-duty tasks
  • The power cord of this AC unit is only 5-foot long


Final Verdict

Generally, the Bostitch air compressor is an excellent addition to the home environment working tools. It suits some of the professional construction requirements. Therefore, it is always necessary to first check the needed tools before settling for this one. Also, you should never forget to check the PSI of the air compressor. All in all, the air compressor is portable, reliable, has quiet operations making it outstanding in the pocket-friendly category.



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