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A few years ago, the painting task was one of the most hectic and messy jobs one could have done. However, after the introduction of the air compressors in 1892, this task is now more accessible. In the market today, there is a whole variety of products that you can consider, all in very diverse models and makes. For that reason, I will take you through one of the best air compressors on the market today; Dewalt D55146 AC unit.

This article includes; the key features of this air compressor, the good but not great features, user critique as well as the pros and cons of Dewalt D55146 AC unit. The essence of this article is to enhance your knowledge about this air compressor.

Features of Dewalt D55146 Air Compressor

If you need a heavy duty air compressor that can help with most of your jobs around the house, this air compressor will do you right. Being a popular choice among most contractors, you can be sure about the quality of Dewalt air compressor as well as the pricing, maintenance level and portability.

Key Features

  • Performance

Dewalt air compressor has strong and powerful horsepower as well as the PSI. This unit can reach 200 PSI, and at 5.2 SCFM it can manage 90 PSI. The Dewalt has built it strong material that can withstand even the harshest conditions. The durable construction guarantees you of high-end results from this air compressor unit.
More to that, it’s fitted with the EHP (Efficient High Pressure) technology which enables the motor of this unit as well as other functional parts to last longer. The fact that it is air powered, this machine is quite reliable.

  1. Noise Level

One of the most considered features by people when buying air compressors today is the noise level. Some of the traditional air compressors were too noisy and could turn the job site into a noisy mess. Although the Dewalt is not the quietest air compressor in the market today, it produces noise levels of 78 Decibels only which is better than its counterparts at 90 Decibels. Most of the contractors find this air compressor quitter than they expected it to be during purchase.

  1. Pump Type

The pump fitted in the Dewalt Air compressor does not require oil to function. With minor maintenance levels, this air compressor runs very smoothly. Also, the EHP- Efficient High-Pressure Tech. Built-In this air compressor ensures that the motor stays operational for a more extended period. For this reason, you can efficiently run the pump with an extension cord whenever necessary. However, the cable must be at least 50 feet long, and the wire is 12 gauge.

Good but not Great

  • Size and weight

This air compressor weighs about 85 pounds, therefore; the machine is not as light as other air compressors in the market. All in all, to compensate for the weight, it comes with high-quality wheels as well as carriers which resemble the travel suitcases. Also, it has a collapsible handle which helps you to carry the air compressor either in a horizontal or a vertical position. The big roll cage protects the tank and pumps from any mechanical damage. The tank size goes up to 4 gallons which is quite a considerable holding capacity.

  1. Compact Design

This Dewalt air compressor comes with a compact design which enables the users to transport the air compressor from one place to the other quickly. The collapsible nature of this air compressor ensures that it occupies the least possible space in your storage compartment. The handles attached to the AC unit can be collapsed like ones in travel suitcases to provide secure storage.

  1.  Quality materials

The air compressor’s designs feature high quality and robust materials which guarantee you excellent performance for a more extended period. The 10-inch non-flat tires are made from sturdy rubber materials while the tubing at the carriage is made from sturdy materials that enhance performance in the more demanding websites. Also, these materials guarantee the user durability even where the conditions are harsh.

User Critique

Dewalt D55146 is an excellent addition to any toolbox. However, some of the users complained about a few things that were a let-down. For instance, some users feel that the motor of this air compressor vibrates a lot, although that seems like a minor issue. This is because you can curb the excess vibrations by placing it on smoother surfaces while operating the air compressor.

Other customers feel that some parts of the in the compressor like the regulator and external gauge features cheap materials which malfunctioned after a short period. They had to get the replacements for the regulator and external gauges because they leaked but they replacements leaked even worse. Generally, the primary issue highlighted by the consumers is the reliability issue.

  • The handle of this AC unit is collapsible
  • It is compatible with multiple tools as well as has a great nailer performance
  • The controls are easy to read
  • It comes with high-quality technology
  • It has a high flow coupler which eases up the nailing
  • The tires of this unit are excellent
  • It has high power performance levels
  • It has quieter operations than most models


Final Verdict

This air compressor by Dewalt is designed in simple overall construction to make it as user-friendly as possible. With this model, a single person can transport it from one place to the other without straining a lot, although some people feel that it’s still too heavy.

I hope that this article enhances your understanding of the Dewalt air compressor and be able to distinguish from the other air compressors on the market today. The guideline above will enable you to have an insight into the qualities of this product and the pros and cons of this air compressor unit.



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