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EPAuto 12V DC Portable Digital Tire Inflator Air Compressor Review




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If you are out there looking for a good tire inflator, you may want to consider the EAPAuto 12 DV DC. This model is a popular choice among most car owners. It is known for its high-performance levels and affordability. Especially during winter, it’s common to get stranded on the roadside with deflated tires.

All in all, this can be taken care of by if you have the right tools to re-inflate your tires. You can continue with your regular travel schedules even during the cold weather seasons. Sub-standard tires often lead to subsequent high bills as well as long night’s stranded by the roadside.

For that reason, the essence of this article is to discuss one of the best inflation and compressor tool in the market; EPAuto 12V DC air compressor pump. Inclusive is its essential features, the good but not great features, the user critique as well as the pros and cons of this product. This product guarantees you a better travel experience since it takes care of the cold weather fixes and emergencies.

Features of EPAuto 12V DC Portable digital AC pump

Key Features

  1. Auto-shut off Feature

This air compressor pump comes with an auto-off feature. Therefore, you don’t have to keep on monitoring the pump when inflating the tires. The pump automatically shuts itself off when it reaches the set PSI level.
This feature makes the whole process more comfortable since it requires minimal intervention from the user. Most of the times, the air compressor runs a little higher than the set PSI. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the air lost when detaching the pump from the tire valve.

  1. Inflating Speed

The inflating speed of this air compressor unit is 1.06 CFM. Although most people would expect that the unit is very slow while raising it pressure levels, it works perfectly well. With tires that are as small and compact as it is, this air compressor is an excellent choice. Also, it comes with a feature that prevents it from overheating because of the high levels of inflating speed.

  1. LED Flashlight

The air compressor unit has a digital read about is an excellent complementary feature. It comes with a button which helps the users to choose the display unit they need. More to that, it comes with a LED flashlight. Most times, people will overlook this feature when purchasing the right air compressor pump. This feature Is quite essential, and it helps when one needs to operate in low lit areas.

Good but Not Great

  1. Convenient and Easy to use

The air compressor unit can plug in directly into the cigarette lighter socket attached to the vehicle. This includes the; 12 VDC for 10 to 15 amps and 120 to 180W

Also, the air compressor pump does not use quick release connector. Instead, it uses a metal screw which is connected then attached to the valve stem of tires directly. This connector is easy to attach and detach too.

  1. Multiple uses

This air compressor pump can inflate a variety of equipment. Such include the car tires, sedans, bikes and mid-sized SUVs. All in all, it doesn’t support the HT, LT, and truck tires too. This is because such tires are too large for such a small AC pump unit.

  1. Quiet operations

This air compressor is fast, efficient as well as has quiet activities. This means that the air compressor pump causes the least possible distractions to the people around. It makes a great addition to the calm working environments.

User Critique

Although the EPAuto portable air compressor is an excellent choice, it is faced with criticisms from some of its users. Some of the users felt that the air compressor is too small therefore cannot do with larger vehicle tires. Others wished that at least the air compressor pump came in with a longer cord for flexibility and convenience too.

Also, some of the users also pointed out that the air compressor pump is very slow in raising its pressure levels. The fact that it is small, you would expect that though. All in all, this air compressor unit s fast enough when airing up tires that lie in the same size bracket.

Other users also complained about the absence of a switch off and on the button for the LED lights. This is because the air compressor pump LED lights turn on automatically when connected to a power source and turn off when detached. Some people found this very annoying.

  • The air compressor comes with a cigarette lighter socket plug-in hence making the device convenient.
  • The EPAuto portable air compressor has multiple uses which include; inflating bikes, cars, mid-SUV and sedans. The AC unit also comes with an adaptor for balloons and inflatables too.
  • The device comes with a bright LED torch to ease use in low lit areas
  • The machine can automatically shut down when the when the desired pressure is accomplished. Also, the device automatically shuts off when it reaches overload and overheats.
  • The display on the air compressor is easy to read.
  • It has a small compact design, therefore, doesn’t take up so much space in your storage trunk
  • It comes with a storage bag which holds the extra complementary accessories
  • It has multiple heads and fuses to enhance numerous purposes
  • It is pocket-friendly and still has high-performance levels
  • It is fast, quiet and has relatively quiet operations

  • It can only air up small car tires
  • It takes entirely some time to raise its pressure levels
  • The LED lights lack an on and off button
  • It has a short cord



In conclusion, we have seen that there is no single air compressor pump is perfect. All you have to do is ensure that the air compressor is good enough and fits your needs. All in all, the EPAuto portable air is an excellent choice if you are looking for a compact, pocket friendly and useful air compressor pump. It provides high performance levels besides the great features.



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