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Most of the people prefer going to the car shop to get their tires inflated every time. As much as this may seem like a convenient way to get the handy work done for you, it can be quite time consuming as well as very expensive. At times you can do most of these handy tasks by yourself as long as you have the right tools for that.

For that reason, in this article the essence is to discuss one of the handy air compressor pump in the market today; JACO Smart-Pro Digital Tire Inflator Pump Review. This air compressor pump is a convenient choice especially if you consider giving at an arm’s reach whenever you go out. With such a portable and compact air compressor pump, you can always get practical and blow your own tire with so much ease.

Below are the key features of the JACO Smart-Pro Digital Tire Inflator Pump, the good but not great features, user verdict as well as the pros and cons associated with this air compressor pump.

Features of the JACO Smart-Pro Digital Tire Inflator Pump

Key Features

  1. Smart Pressure technology

The smart technology in the JACO Smart-Pro Digital Tire Inflator Pump adds to the efficiency of the inflator pump. This is because all you have to do is pre-set the desired PSI level and it will shut off automatically when it achieves the set target. With such performance levels, this inflator pump can air up the standard auto-tires that have a PSI of 45 or the bike tires with a PSI of 100.

  1. Built-in air gauge

This air compressor unit comes with a high precision built-in digital gauge which feature bright display with LCD back lights. This features ensures high efficiency even at night or when operating in dark country roads.

More to that, the gauges measure a 00-100 PSI which has high levels of accuracy of 1 PSI. It also inflates enough air in to the tires with an impressive inflation rate of 25 litres per minute.

  1. Heavy duty woven hose

This JACO Smart-pro Digital Tire inflator pump comes with a heavy duty woven hose which is 24 inches long. The hose also has additional accessories like a unique twisted connecting nozzle. This feature ensure that the operation s using this AC unit are hands free as well as secure.

This is because you can securely seal the hose to the tires valve when inflating it. The additional accessories of this inflator pump include; 2 adapters which are compatible with airbeds, sports balls as well as any other inflatables.

Good but Not Great

  1. Light and portable

This air compressor unit comes in a compact and light design. This features ensures that the air compressor pump never weighs you down. The small size ensures convenience during storage. It can fit in your car’s trunk or the storage compartment with so much ease. This way, your inflator pump will always be available whenever you need it.

  1. Easy to operate

This air compressor is quite easy to use. This is because it doesn’t have complex settings as well as tinkering just to make it operational. More to that, the air compressor comes with some additional accessories which enhance your experience and save you a lot of hassle when operating the inflator pump. Some of these features include; flashing red feature, emergency feature, SOS feature and the flashlight.

  1. Long Reach Power cord

This air compressor pump has a 10 inches power cord which enhances easy reach to all the tires in the vehicle. Also, the power cord is made from premium quality materials of the power adapter. This ensures that the cord can fit in to any external volt DC accessory with 12 volt.

User Critique

As much as the JACO Smart-Pros Digital tire Inflator pump is a good choice, there a few things thing that one needs to be watchful about. This is because the users who have has a hang of this air compressor pump complained about a few things.

For instance, some of the user’s find that the screwing up of the nozzle was quite time consuming. All in all, this is not so much of a big issue because if you have to store the air compressor pump you dint have to screw it up permanently. The power cord is not retractable.

Also, some of the users’ complained about the noise levels of this air compressor unit. As much as it is not too loud, if you want an air compressor to use in the ultimately calm environments, this one will do you no good.

  • The display comes with an LCD backlight which enhances easy use at night
  • The inflator pump has a high inflation rate of 25 litres per minute
  • It is designed with the latest smart pressure technology layout. This ensures that the inflator starts and stops when the desired pressure level is reached.
  • Easy to use procedures. The air compressor doesn’t have complicated settings to make the air compressor operational.
  • The built in digital gauge ensures that the users get accurate readings from the inflator pump
  • The general construction of this air compressor pump is high quality hence the inflator guarantees you of durability
  • It comes with a twist connect nozzle which ensures that the users get hands free operations with this air compressor pump
  • It is safe to use since the twist connect nozzle also ensures secure tire inflation. In that, you can connect to the tires valve when inflating.
  • Also, the air compressor unit facilitates universal use with the 2 adapters which are compatible with almost all the inflatables.
  • The air compressor unit is light in weight and portable therefore it will never weigh you down.

  • The JACO Smart-Pros Digital tire Inflator pump comes in a nozzle which, must be fitted in through screwing. This tends to be time consuming.
  • It has no wall plug, only a car and truck plug



The JACO Smart-Pros Digital tire Inflator pump makes a good choice of inflator pumps. It is user friendly and reliable during those long cruising trips. For that reason, this air compressor pump is worth your every penny.

However, you should be watchful about the drawbacks of this air compressor. This will ensure that some of the small emergent issues never taint the entire output of the inflation pump.



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