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Makita MAC700 Big Bore Air Compressor Review




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If you need an air compressor to help with home or small worksite tasks, this is the perfect air compressor for you. This AC unit is widespread among homeowners and the DIY fanatics. It is a durable and versatile tool, and for this reason, it is now a favourite among the professionals too.

Generally, the Makita products have a strong reputation for producing quality products, but the Makita Air compressors have done it even better by providing durable and reliable products. Besides that, the air compressor has ultimately quiet operations which are suitable for the calm working environments.

The MAC700 air compressor lies in the oil lubricated category of air compressors. Most people shy away from using the oil-lubricated air compressors because of high maintenance levels. However, these AC units still have more to offer than the high maintenance need. In that case, let’s have a look at the vital features of MAC700 air compressor, the good but not great features, the user critique as well as the cons and pros of this product.

Features of Makita MAC700 Air Compressor

  1. 2.0 HP Big Bore Engineered Pump

The MAC700 has a 2.0 horse motor which is responsible for driving the cylinder and piston combo that are engineered with a massive stroke and bore. Each cycle made with the piston in the cylinder produces a larger volume of compressed air. This performance enhances the energy input of the air compressor since there are increased pressure and compression capacity.
On the other hand, the Big Bore design means that the air compressor uses minimal effort to produce pressure. In that, the increased displacement capacity of this air compressor helps the unit to manage about half the RMP realised in other AC units. This guarantees the users more durability and reliability with lesser noise levels

  1. Decibels of Noise

The MAC 700 is a professional grade of air compressors. It produces about 79 decibels of noise which is considered way less than oil-trim air compressors. In that, most of the other compressors that are this small are louder than this unit. This is because, the fact that MAC700 uses oil in its operations, that reduces the screeching sound realised through friction. The oil provides enough lubrication.

  1. Industrial Filter with Automotive style

For the air compressor unit to work effectively, the air drawn in should be filtered to keep of debris as well as dust away. This should occur mainly in the pressuring cylinders. In that case, the Makita MAC700 uses a sizeable industrial filter that comes with an automotive style to provide a smoother intake of air. With such levels of operation, it means that the air compressor does not require so much effort for it to maintain the required pressure levels. In turn, this ensures that the air compressor has high efficiency in the energy levels.

Good but not Great

  1. Portability and Dimensions

The Makita MAC700 has a dimension of diameter 10 by 18 inches and 22 inches tall which makes the air compressor unit light and compact enough to cart around. The overall weight of this Air compressor unit is 59.6 pounds which are regarded to as heavy by most of the users.
All in all, the unit fits in with a roll bar that has a soiled rubber handle to helps to cart the AC unit around comfortably.

  1. Tank

The tank of Makita MAC700 comes in a hot dog style with a gallon size of 2.6 which can power heavy-duty tools without cases of buffering. The steel design of this air compressor means that it hardly rusts and it will ensure harsh conditions more than the cast iron. More to that, the tank comes with a petcock valve at the bottom which fitted with traditional ball drains to make the discharge process smooth and straightforward.

  1. Thermal Overload protection

When the motor is excessively loaded, a thermal overload occurs. In that case, the excessive electrical currents may cause more current than the air compressor is designed to handle. This can destroy the motor or present a risk of fire outbreak. MAC700 takes care of that concern with the built-in thermal overload protection. This works by automatically shutting down the motor in case of overheating. In such a case, the motor won’t start again until its fully cooled.

User Critique

The Makita MAC700 is a great air compressor. However, some customers may have a few things that they feel are a let-down. Some of the consumers of this air compressor complained about the heavyweight which restricts the flexibility of this product. All in all, the compressor comes with a handle on the main casing which enhances on the portability of the product.

More to that, most of the first time users of this air compressor unit found it hard to operate the AC. This may not be a big issue but there a few complicated procedures that must be followed to ensure that you don’t damage the air compressor. Set up routines such as running and filling the motor should be done as stated and most users are unfamiliar with them

  • This air compressor is quiet. The noise output is meager hence does well in the calm working environments.
  • The air compressor unit has a low amp draw of 12.4 amps
  • High-performance levels
  • It has a durable and reliable construction
  • It has a large capacity tank
  • It uses less power to operate
  • It has a massive CFM and PSI output
  • The structure is stable therefore it cannot topple over
  • It has a higher output that comes hand in hand with lower RMP

  • It has no wheels therefore hard to maneuver
  • The air compressor is heavy and cumbersome to move around
  • It is not suitable for tasks that may require clean air.


Final Verdict

The MAC 700 has a higher SCFM than most of its counterparts. For this reason, the Makita MAC700 makes an excellent choice among re-modelers, contractors, heavy duty professionals and trims carpenters. The fact that this air compressor is oil based, it generates less heat than the oil-less AC units.


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