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Whether you are a professional contractor, automotive mechanic or a DIY homeowner who’s passionate about taking care of the ordinary

domestic jobs, a standard elbow grease won’t be enough to do all the tasks. At times you need to a particular level of speed as well as pressure to power the pneumatic tools for them to work effectively. For such reasons, a quality air compressor is among the necessary things that you will need to maximise your effort and use the air tools with the least hassle.

In our case, we have the Viair 00088 Portable AC unit which is a compact air compressor that can enable you to air up the tires with so much ease. It comes with high-performance levels and solid components without compromising its affordability or reliability. Finding pocket-friendly air compressors with the right construction is uncommon. Most of the cheap AC units either come in plastic construction which heats up after minor tasks. The Viair guarantees you quality and adequate performance.

This article, therefore, is geared towards providing a comprehensive review of this AC unit.

Inclusive are vital features of this product, the good but not great features, user critique as well as its pros and cons.


Features of Viair 88P AC Unit

The professional and midrange air compressors often are either too heavy or at times too powerful for the simple tasks. In that case, the compact portable AC Units always does best. Besides their precise nature, they are light in weight, run on rechargeable batteries or are electric-powered. These features enhance the mobility of the air compressor. Therefore, you can comfortably inflate your tires anywhere.

With that highlight of the product, let’s have a close look at some of the critical features of the Viair 88P AC Unit. This outline will help you determine how suitable this air compressor will be as an addition to your toolkit.

Key Features

  1. 12 Volt-120 PSI Working Pressure

Despite the small size, the Viair 88P has high, incredible performance levels. The free flow of this air compressor is 1.94CFM at 0 PSI to ensure the stability of the AC unit no matter the tasks performed. In that, at 30 PSI the air compressor produces compressed air up to 1.25 CFM. Such is a quite impressive performance for such a pocket-friendly tool. At the maximum 120 PSI, the air compressor still manages to deliver 0.35CFM.

  1. Duty Cycle

Generally, this air compressor should be capable of 45% duty cycle which means that it can run for about 25 minutes at a PSI of 30. However, the air compressor will need to cool down for about 35 minutes after that. In about 10 minutes, the Viair 88P can fill up all the four tires completely.

  1. High-grade construction

The Viair 88P air compressor has a high-grade construction. For instance, it comes with high-grade alligator clamps which ensure that the user has a right and tight fit on the battery. This unit is better than the plastic counterparts which slip off with so much ease. More to that, it has bright lights as well as a reliable design that makes it easy for the user to recognise everything the unit does.

Good but not Great

  1. Light and easy to use

The Viair 88P is a small, easy to use and light air compressor weighing about 1 pound which is often a lifesaver when you need your tires to be aired up, and you can’t get to the gas station. Such instances are rare, but trust me it only takes a single experience to understand the value of such a tool. To many, it seems like a minor machine, but it will give you peace of mind whenever you are out there on your errands, and better save you those constant trips to the gas station.

  1. Easy to store

Due to the compact size, this air compressor is easy to store. It can fit in small storage compartments easily without being a hazard. This tool will never occupy so much of your space but still will deliver high-end performance levels.

  1. Durable

The Viair 88P is a durable air compressor that will serve you for quite some time without you needing any servicing or replacement. It maintains its quality for years on end without showing any indication of decline in its quality.

User Critique

As much as the Viair 88P makes the best choice when looking for the portable and pocket-friendly air compressor, some of the users complained about a few things. The fact that the air compressors battery runs directly from your car’s battery seems a little scary to some of the users.
It needs you to turn on your vehicle first for you to be able to use the air compressor which might be impossible at other times. All in all, this equipment is a useful piece. More to that, the AC unit has no storage case, and most of the users feel that this is a huge let down.

  • It has a LED indicator
  • The AC unit is highly portable
  • The model is less messy and way quieter than the gas-powered air compressors
  • It comes with a 10-foot power cord and a 16-foot power hose
  • It does well with small sedans and ATVs with tires up to 33 inches
  • It has easy to use procedures

  • For the compressor to work, your car needs to be running already
  • This air compressor can only comfortably inflate the small-sized tires. It cannot do with huge tires.


Final Verdict

Whether you are buying an air compressor because you need to inflate your tires or you need an addition to your tools box, the Viair 88P is an excellent choice. It is a highly consumer-friendly AC unit that you will never have trouble while using it. With most of the medium-sized and small cars, it can do a pretty good job. To save you the hassle of flat tires, a portable air compressor like this one is a good plus one that will make some of these small pains a little more pleasant.



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