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PORTER-CABLE Fully Shrouded Compressor Review




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Are you in search of an Ultra-Portable Compressor that will give you the best performance? Well, with the Porter-Cable air compressor, you will surely get your money’s worth. The Porter-Cable allows quick compressor recovery time hence better performance. Air compressors are very vital tools that will always make an excellent addition to both your home and garage tools.

With an Air Compressor unit like this, you will be able to inflate your tires easily as well as supply adequate air to some of the power tools like the gun nails. In the market today, there is a wide variety of air compressors that come in diverse sizes and shapes. For this reason, you may get torn between which air compressor unit you should select.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to take you through some of the critical features of one of the best air compressors; Porter-Cable, the user critique as well as the pros and cons of this product. This detailed review is aimed at giving you a better understanding of porter-cable compressor.

Features of Porter-Cable Air Compressor

Key Features 

High Performance

The Porter-Cable air compressor is a very powerful unit that comes with a 120 low amp motor which can quickly start effectively even during the cold weather and adverse conditions. The cut in restart of this air compressor is at 120 PSI while the running HP is at 8 at the low 10 amps during the full peaks. In addition to that, the air compressor has a pretty good regulator that manages everything effectively and running without any hiccups. This is extraordinary performance for such a small unit.

Noise level

The Porter-Cable is a bit exceptional since it comes with a 79 dBA. This means it is quieter compared to its competitors. For most compressors, people around will barely catch sleep especially if you want to turn it on when everyone is sleeping. You’ll often get unfriendly stares from everyone around you. However, if you turn it on at a family BBQ, you won’t get any complaints. The noise level might be ranked average compared to other air compressor units, but that’s not a significant issue.


The Porter-Cable air compressor comes with an oil-free pump. This feature makes the handy tool have lower maintenance needs since you will not have to worry about the regular and messy oil replacements. More to that, the fact that the air compressor has an oil-free nature, it tends to be more durable than oil-lubricated air compressors.

Good but not Great


The Porter-Cable weighs about 20 pounds, so you can carry it without breaking your back. The compressor also comes with a handle which is more than helpful because you can quickly move the Porter-Cable like a backpack. With minimal effort, you can transport the compressor over a long distance with ease.
If you need the air compressor for professional concerns, this air compressor unit is always a suitable replacement for the bulky AC units. With lesser weight on you, it’s likely that you will manage to do more work on the job site.
More to that, the Porter-Cable compressor also comes with a 1.5-gallon tank which helps in maintaining its portable weight.

Rubber feet

The Porter-Cable air compressor is made from rubber feet which give the unit better stability and prevents your floor from damage. For this reason, your only worry is the amount of available moisture in the tank. But this is already made more comfortable with the presence of the drain valve.

Easy to use

Most of the first time users of the air compressors always complain about how hard it is to operate the device. All in all, with the Porter Cable AC unit, such complaints are very minimal. The unit is very easy to use with most of the pneumatic devices. The gauges are convenient and easily readable. This ensures that you can read the air compressor like a pro even if you are an amateur.

User Critique

The Porter Cable is one of the most portable air compressors on the market today. However, while the company concentrated on making the unit portable, they compromised the tank’s holding capacity. For this reason, some of the users complained about the limited size of this tank. It has only 1.5 gallons which means it can just work effectively with the pneumatic tools that often require little air.
More to that, other users complained about the accessories of the AC unit. They noticed that the accessories are made cheaply. Although the fixtures can be removed and replaced with better quality ones, this made most users question the overall reliability and durability of the air compressor unit.

Porter-Cable Fully Shrouded Air Compressor


  • Low noise output 79dB
  • Easy to start, even in cold weather
  • Oil free – low maintenance
  • Quick recovery time
  • Portable – easy to move
  • Easy to carry – built in handle
  • 25 foot power cord
  • Gauges and controls are easy to use


  • Not properly set up – could lead to leaks
  • Not good with heavy air use tools
  • Small air tank

Final Verdict

Generally, the Porter-Cable Fully Shrouded air compressor is a functional air compressor unit that will ease up most of your handy tasks. It is a high-quality unit that will serve you religiously for an extended period. Porter cable is just the best air compressor for personal uses. With tasks like fixing air mattresses, flat tires and other floatation devices, it does quite a great job. All in all, it’s limited to serving only the small pneumatic tools.


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