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Considering the wide variety of Air compressors on the market today, it is fully understandable if you get torn between the choices. That gets even harder when you narrow down to the kind of task you would perform with a single air compressor. However, you need not worry because I’ll give you a detailed description of one of the best DIY home models for your household errands.

The Senco PC1010 is a rather small and cool electric AC unit that comes with a one-gallon tank that is ideal for homeowners and those trim carpenters who go to less tough working sites. It makes the perfect tool for inflating tires, doing trim jobs or anything related to that. Below I will highlight the key features if this air compressor, some of the good but not great features as well as the pros and cons of this unit.

Features of Senco PC1010 AC unit

The Senco PC1010 is a powerful Air Compressor unit that will help with most of your hobby work. This AC is a great deal for those indoor activities and it will never compromise the high-performance levels for its ultra-quiet nature. Having a high of 1 horsepower and a PSI of 125, this unit packs up enough power in that compact design to perform most of the household tasks.

If you have been looking for an air compressor with high-end performance rate as well as a quick recovery time, this one will do you right. Although the Senco air compressors come in diverse designs, this one has a kind of a hot dog design which enhances mobility and storage.

Key Features

The unique and indifferent features of a product are what makes it stand out from the competing products. The Senco PC1010 has just what any homeowner would want in an Air Compressor. This has earned it a place among the best-selling Air Compressors today. Here is an overview of the features that define this product.

  1. Motor and pump

This AC unit has been packed with a running horsepower motor of about 0.5 and a peak of 1HP. These performance levels were drawn in a low of 4amps which is ideal for any home task. This is because you can plug it into an ordinary home outlet without the hassle of having to use a circuit breaker.

In addition, the air compressor has a direct drive pump which is single staged and oil free. This saves you the hassle of periodical oil changing after some time of use. Although this direct drive pump is common among those consumer grade compressors, the belt-drive pumps are also designed to fit the industrial compressor commonly used at the automobile shops. The overall pump system features a cylinder engraved with cast aluminum, piston rings, and Teflon rings.

  1. Performance

This air compressor can comfortably power the small air tools considering that it discharges 0.7CFM and 90PSI. This means that you should not expect this tool to help with some heavy duty tasks like roofing and framing. The air volume and pressure of the unit, however, matters a lot in determining the general output of your air compressor.

  1. Ultra-Quite technology

For indoor projects, you definitely require a quiet and comfortable air compressor. This makes the Senco PC1010 a good choice. It produces only 68 decibels of noise from one meter away. The blend of quality construction, quiet operations, and high-end performance makes it worth your every dollar. Senco PC1010 is definitely a great choice for any homeowner or a trim contractor.

Good but Not Great

The Senco PC1010 has some additional features which enhance the efficiency and general output of this tool. They may not be the main features that make it unique but they play a vital role in making the air compressor complete and user-friendly.

  1. Size and Portability

The Senco AC unit weighs about 20 pounds and has dimensions of 14 x 13 x 10 inches. Such a compact design guarantees the user easy portability from one working site to the other. Actually, you can carry this unit with just one hand without having to strain so much.

  1. Plastic construction

This air compressor comes with a plastic shroud cover which covers the pump partly. This helps to prevent any unwanted bumps when carrying out your tasks. The other side of the pump is then left open to enhance proper ventilation.

  1. Non-skid feet

The air compressor unit has non-skid feet made from rubber. This helps to absorb vibrations and noise too. All in all, you can still place the unit on hardwood floor if you are not going to scratch it

User Critique

Generally, the Senco PC1010 is a good product for home use. However, some of the customers feel that the holding capacity of this tank is smaller hence giving the user a harder time. This is because it has to be refilled constantly. More so, other users also complained that the product produces less pressure. It can only be used to perform very light home projects otherwise; you have to keep it plugged in.

  • It has low noise emission which makes it suitable for use in confined locations
  • It has a lightweight construction. This makes it easy to move the unit around
  • It comes with an industrial grade filter
  • It has a foam grip which enhances portability and convenience
  • It has an integrated metal roll bar which increases the protection of the Senco PC 1010 unit
  • It comes with a safety valve at the back of the motor which helps to relieve the extra pressure.

  • It cannot be used in tough working sites
  • It takes too long to refill. Some customers complained that the recovery time was longer than advertised
  • It has a small tank meaning that the storage gets exhausted faster




In conclusion, this Senco PC1010 air compressor has proved to be a good deal in light household tasks. It is portable, lightweight not forgetting that it comes with safety features which prevent any accidents. More to that, it proves to be compatible with areas which require less noise emission. This AC unit is everything you need in an air compressor but in a mini-sized construction.



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