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If you continuously use air tools, the best way to have your spraying paints, as well as the finish coatings, done is to match the best air compressor for hvlp painting with a perfect HVLP-style compressor gun. Most of the air compressors out there aren’t actually built for painting. This is because painting may require a continuous power draw on your air compressor.


Most of the standard air tools out there use air burst. Therefore, they tend to use up only 25% of the air when you are working with them. For that reason, there is a need to upgrade to a tougher air compressor unit if you’d like to do painting jobs.


It’s not easy finding the best portable air compressor for hvlp spray gun that can handle paint jobs as well as other air tools at the same time. That is why this article aims at giving you 5 of the best air compressors for hvlp. More to that, a handy buyers guide.

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5 Best Air Compressors for HVLP


California Air Tools 15020C Air Compressor

This air compressor is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking for an oil-free air compressor with less maintenance needs. The air compressor works efficiently providing clear and clean air that enhances smooth functioning of tools. The steel tank comes with a holding capacity of 15 gallons of air which is enough for hvlp tools.


Also, the ultra-quiet operations ensure that you have a smooth and easy time in your working environment with a running decibel rating of only 70dB. At 40PSI, this air compressor delivers a CFM of 6.40 while at 90PSI it delivers a CFM of 5.30. This ensures that you have enough pressure and a reasonable amount of paint flow to ensure that you do a perfect paint job.


The maximum PSI of this air compressor unit is 130PSI while the motor boasts of a horsepower of 2.0HP. The increased duty cycle, on the other hand, gives you a continuously long run time.


This way, you are able to achieve consistent performance without any unnecessary interruptions. This is because of the air compressor has to work consistently over a long period of time, it comes with a thermal overload protector.



  • The air compressor is ultra-quiet with only 60 decibels of noise
  • The air compressor comes with a thermal overload protector
  • The pump of this air compressor is maintenance free
  • It has an increased duty cycle which leads to a longer runtime
  • It has a large tanks size for smoother operations

  • Some users have complained about slow leaks


Power Mate VX Electric Air Compressor

This is a must have air compressor unit if you need a powerful and handy air compressor. This air compressor uses 240volts as well as has a 50AMP motor that is capable of a 4.7Horsepower. Such high-end specs make this air compressor to reach an accuracy level of almost 100%. This air compressor can generate up to 155 PSI which is quite impressive for the tasks on hand.


The tank has a holding capacity of 80 gallons and a longer run time which is suitable for spray painting jobs. The overall construction of this air compressor features strong forged steel which gives this compressor unit matchless durability. It also has a lubricating system which ensures that you have quiet and convenient operations.


More to that, the valves of this air compressor unit are made from stainless steel. Therefore, there is a zero rate of deformity. It also comes with a three-cylinder design which makes it stand out among its counterparts. To top it up all, this best air compressor for hvlp spray gun has a wired belt guard which gives the whole unit an extra edge.




  • This air compressor is too large and heavy. Therefore, you have to devote quite some space for it to fit. m


NorthStar Gas-Powered Portable Air Compressor

The NorthStar is a massive beast of a gas powered air compressor unit. It is recommended for the full-time pros who might need to do a paint job now and then. To most of the shoppers, this air compressor unit might be a little extra but the perfect choice for those with higher demands.


This compressor is a powerful unit that is worthy of any painting contractor. The motor of this air compressor has a horsepower of 12HP. It also comes in a V-format like the automotive engine assembly. This assembly gives the unit lesser vibrations hence quieter operations than its counterparts.


The tank has a holding capacity of 30 gallons. More to that, it has a total rating CFM of 24.4 at 90PSI as well as 26.8CFM at 40PSI. This is enough power to perform painting jobs while still supplying other crew members handily. The electric start feature makes it easy to start the system. With a quick charge of 3AMPS, you are always ready to go. All you need is a backup battery.



  • The air compressor has a V-style cylinder which provides superior cooling of the system
  • The construction of the pump features full cast iron for a longer service
  • It has a low shutdown Honda Engine GX160 OHV
  • It also has the floating steel type Swedish-made valves which have a longer valve life
  • It is a high-quality compressor unit therefore very reliable

  • This air compressor is super heavy as it weighs 379 pounds


Dewalt D55146 Hand Carry Air Compressor

For years now, Dewalt has offered the best of industry standard air compressors that can manage most of the heavy-duty tasks.  Particularly, this air compressor does well with painting as well as powering other air tools that are used for professional purposes. With a maximum PSI of 225 in line with a 4 and a half gallon tank, this air compressor unit promises you of smoother as well as better performance.


The great PSI unit ensures that you can use almost 80% of the generated air easily. This air compressor is capable of a CFM of 5 at 90 PSI meaning that it has a longer run time as well as a quick recovery time. This air compressor guarantees you that you will perform most of the painting tasks with more ease and faster than when using air compressors with a lower PSI.


More to that, this air compressor has a low operational noise of 78 decibels hence very friendly to the ears. Also, the compressor comes with 10-inch anti-fat foam which ensures that moving the air compressor around the job site is a breeze. These features make it one of the best portable air compressor for hvlp spray gun.



  • This air compressor has only 78 decibels of noise which is somewhat friendly to the working environment.
  • The compressor comes in a vertical design and more to that has handles which makes it easy to maneuver the unit around.
  • The oil-free set up ensures that there is least maintenance needed on this air compressor
  • Also, the oil-free nature of this compressor provides clean air which can be used to operate paint guns and nailers

  • Some of the accessories are made from cheap materials hence not very durable


Rolair VT25BIG Wheeled Air Compressor

Rolair is one of the most significant air compressors in the market today. Most people say that it’s the perfect best value air compressor for tough tasks. Although most people get turned off by the facts that this air compressor has pretty low CFM, it is rated the best air compressor for hvlp painting with 100% duty cycles.


For that reason, you are sure that your tools will run perfectly well on this air compressor unit. However, your tools must be 6CFM or below. The air compressor can deliver a CFM of 6.5 at 90PSI. On the other hand, it has a powerful motor which manages 3400RMP and a horsepower of 2.5HP. That means that this air compressor is quite reliable.


The tank capacity holds about 5.3 gallons of air. Also, the overall construction of the unit features a splash lubrication which makes the compressor more durable and reliable. The cylinder is made from cast iron.



  • The splash lubrication gives this air compressor a longer life
  • It has a foam filled wheelbase which enhances on the portability of this air compressor
  • It has a handle with a comfortable and firm grip. Therefore, you can maneuver the compressor around easily
  • It also comes with a straightforward interface which is easy to operate
  • It has an overload protector
  • The compressor has a longer pump and motor life which needs minimal maintenance

  • The compressor weighs 100 pounds which is rather heavy
  • The air compressor has noise decibels of 86 which is quite loud


Buyers Guide for Best Air Compressor for HVLP painting


  1. Portability


Before you shop for any air compressor unit for hvlp, ensure that you decide whether you want a stationary air compressor or something that you can move around. A stationary unit will give you a better output capacity, but the portable air compressors have a huge benefit too.


If all you need is do some paint job in your home shop, a stationary air compressor is a great deal. All in all, it should be handled professionally to give the best results.


  1. Specs


The key secret to getting the perfect air compressor for your task is first understanding the specs you need. As much as a bigger tank and powerful motor will mean a quicker recovery time, the CFM of an air compressor matters a lot.


Since you didn’t want to push your air compressor unit of the limit, settle for an AC unit with a higher CFM than your air tools. Paint jobs tend to draw almost 100% so you need the best air compressor for HVLP spray painting that will serve you well.


  1. Noise


Since painting tasks tend to take up so much time, you need an air compressor with lesser noise decibels. You don’t want to damage your ears with excess noise.


One last detail is to make sure that you choose the best HVLP spray gun for air compressor combination to get that perfect paint job on your next project.


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